Liu Shen Partner Xiaofei Zhang Expressed Views on CRISPR Patent

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Recently, both the CRISPR Therapeutics Company and the Intellia Therapeutics Company released the news that they had obtained the patents on CRISPR gene-editing technology from SIPO. This grant of patent contributed a new progress to the patent dispute on CRISPR-Cas9 technology between Broad Institute (where Chinese Scientist Feng ZHANG works) and the University of California (where Carpentier and Doudna work).  

Liu Shen Partner, Patent Attorney, Mr. Xiaofei Zhang expressed his views on this issue during an interview from the Science and Technology Daily. He talked about the impact of this grant of patent to Feng Zhang’s patent application, the influence of it to the commercial use of this technology and how to apply for this kind of patents in a better way. Mr. Zhang pointed out that, these two patent applications had, to a large extent, the similarity in their technical contents. However, the prior arts faced by them were not exactly the same. Whether Feng Zhang’s patent application could be granted or not needed a separate judgment. Mr. Zhang also reminded domestic business users that, due to the wide protection scope of these two companies’ patents, some technologies currently used by domestic users might fall into the risks of infringement. At last, Mr. Zhang gave some advice to those developers on how to apply this kind of patents in a better way.

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