Liu Shen Successfully Invalidates A Patent In Field Of Touch Sensing Technology

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Entrusted by the client, Liu Shen filed an invalidation request for a patent of touch sensing invention in the field of touch display.  After the China National Intellectual Property Administration declared the involved patent invalid in whole, the present case went through the administrative proceedings of first instance and second instance, and recently the second-instance judgment was received, in which the Supreme People’s  Court upheld the first-instance judgment , affirming the involved patent invalid in whole.

The involved patent relates to self-capacitance sensing technology.  In the face of complicated and advanced technical solution of the patent, the legal team of Liu Shen kept close communication with the client and formulated well-planned strategies with sufficient invalidation grounds and sound evidences of common knowledge.  With solid technical background, the Liu Shen team provided in-depth analysis and logically clear statement for such problems as the difference in the sensing manners between self-capacitance sensing technology and mutual-capacitance sensing technology in the present case.  After examination, the Department of Reexamination and Invalidation Examination in CNIPA made the decision of declaring the involved patent invalid in whole.  This invalidation decision were finally upheld in the subsequent procedures of first instance and second instance. 

The endeavor made by the legal team of Liu Shen, which swept the potential risks for the client, was highly recognized by the client.  Lawyers Yu Xiaoning and Wang Juan were responsible for handling this case.

Liu, Shen and Associates has long accumulated rich experience in the field of electronic circuit, especially in the field of display and touch control.  Liu Shen team’s capabilities of understanding and dealing with technology in the relevant fields have once again been proved by the victory of this case.