19 Attorneys From Liu Shen Successfully Selected Into Foreign-Related Attorney Talent Pool Of Beijing Lawyers Association

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Recently, the Beijing Lawyers Association releases the 2021 List of Foreign-Related Attorney Talent Pool of the Beijing Lawyers Association, in which 19 attorneys from Liu Shen & Associates were honorably selected.

List of the 19 attorneys (sorted by name alphabetically):

An Zhifei

Cao Lili

Chen Jinlin

Chen Xi

He Changhong

Lei Changxin

Li Meng

Meng Jing

Mou Ke

Song Li

Tan Hua

Tao Fengbo

Tian Miao

Wang Jiadong

Yuan Yuan

Zhang Jianfeng

Zhang Jing

Zhang Xiaoming

Zhao Hongying

The selection of many attorneys in the talent pool is the recognition of the foreign-related legal service of Liu Shen.  We will strive to make contribution to promoting the foreign-related legal business development in Beijing by cultivating more high-quality legal talents who are familiar with international rule and have global perspective, and giving full play to the leading role of lawyers in the capital.