LiuShen Presented Trademark Cases for Enterprises at ZGC Science Park

Author:LiuShen | UpdateTime:2016-09-03 | Hits:

Zhong Wen, an attorney of Liu, Shen & Associates, was invited by Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park to give a speech for trademark cases to chief managers of the enterprises who want to develop their international business.

Mr. Zhong Wen, starting from cases, especially trademark administrative litigation, trademark infringement litigation and trademark contract litigation, emphasized the importance of trademark to enterprises, trademark strategies, necessity of possessing one’s own trademarks before business marketing and protection of well-known trademarks. 

Mr. Zhong Wen made this speech in layman's language throughout the case sharing process in order that business representatives can fully understand the importance of corporate trademark strategy and learn about the importance of daily business activities such as contracts, invoices, trade names use to legal proceedings. At the same time, Mr. Zhong Wen explained corporate trademarks’ strategies based on the well-known international companies’ trademarks. In the process of the speech, Mr. Zhong Wen’s practical experience left a deep impression to the representatives of the enterprises. 

The speech sparked depth thinking of the listeners. After the speech, the business representatives have launched an extensive discussion on their own trademark strategies. The representatives believed that the lecture is helpful in improving their corporate trademark system in the future when their enterprises plan their Go Out Policies.