Intellectual Property Protection of Artificial Intelligence (2021)

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Liu Shen’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Team was established in June 2017 and comprised of attorneys who have strong technical background in computer science or related technical fields and have rich experiences in IP protection. Since its establishment, the Team has been focusing on the study of AI industry development, governmental policy for supporting and regulating of AI researches and applications, laws and regulations as well as practices in Intellectual Property (IP) protection of AI, etc., in China and some other countries and regions that are active in AI field. The research results of Liu Shen’s AI Team include special reports of “Patent Protection of Intellectual Property (2018)” and “Protecting Artificial Intelligence Patents (2019),” collection of featured articles “Intellectual Property Protection of Artificial Intelligence in China,” and some other articles & presentations about IP protection of AI in China and other countries/regions.


This report on “Intellectual Property Protection of Artificial Intellectual Property” (2021) is a research report contributed by LiuShen’s AI Team, mainly about intellectual property protection of AI in China and some other countries/district including the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea. The report aims to help relevant companies and IP practitioners to understand the overall development of AI industry and various aspects of AI-related IP protection.


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 IP Protection of AI.pdf