Favorable Result Achieved by Liu Shen Biomedical Team in Pfizer “Axitinib” Patent Invalidation Case

Author: | UpdateTime:2022-01-18 | Hits:

The China National Intellectual Property Administration issued invalidation decisions respectively for two invalidation cases of patent of “Axitinib” crystal, upholding the validity of claims related to the “Axitinib” marketed crystal.  Liu Shen biomedical team assisted Pfizer to defend it rights successfully.  

The cases were represented by partner Zou Zongliang, partner Cao Lili and partner Liu Guojun to appear in court, and lawyer Xu Feifei and patent attorney Jia Zhaonian provided great assistances.  On the basis of full communications with the client and in-depth analysis of the relevant materials, the team members collected strong counter-evidences and formulated targeted strategies of response to the invalidation requests of different petitioners.

The team conducted in-depth and comprehensive discussions and analysises of the cases prior to the oral hearing, and the members worked closely together during the oral hearing to fight against more than 100 pieces, nearly 2000 pages of evidences submitted by petitioner A and nearly 20 pieces of evidences submitted by petitioner B. 

By successfully achieving the client's goal, Liu Shen biomedical team was fully confirmed and highly praised by the client.