Liu Shen Celebrates its 30 Anniversary!

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Liu Shen was officially established in Beijing on March 10, 1993.  Three decades later, nearly 500 staffs from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Shenzhen offices of Liu Shen gathered together in the banquet hall of Wanda Vista Beijing to celebrate Liu Shen’s 30th birthday.

At the ceremony site, colleagues all dressed up and posed for pictures in the elaborately arranged photo areas, and visited the statue of new brand image LOGO of Liu Shen released for the first time, and the memorial book “Liu Shen Imprint” jointly written by Liu Shen people, which collects 39 representative cases and 51 stories and blessing messages in nearly 500,000 words in total.

The founding partners of Liu Shen, Mr. Wu Bingfen, Mr. Li Xiangmin, Mr. Li Xiaoshu, Mr. Jiazhan Ying, Ms. Ma Ying, the partner Ms. Liu Chuanyang, though retired, attended the ceremony as honored guests.  Although being regretfully absent, Dr. Shen Yaozeng, one of the firm’s named partners, sent his blessings to the ceremony to share the joy and pride of thirty years of development of Liu Shen.

The ceremony was opened by Mr. Yang Wu, president of Liu Shen, with a speech reviewing the development history of Liu Shen, which involved the milestone events in each of the past six 5-years, as well as the highlights and struggles along the journey since establishment.  Mr. Yang said, through ups and downs in the past 30 years, Liu Shen has now grown into a major IP service firm with profound expertise, excellent quality, abundant talents, and good faith.  As a banner of IP service industry in China, Liu Shen also won a good reputation in the international intellectual property industry.  Mr. Yang firmly believed that the glory of “century-old firm” would be eventually achieved through the joint efforts of all Liu Shen people.

Mr. Li Xiaoshu, founding partner and former vice president of Liu Shen, delivered a speech on behalf of the partners of elder generation to relive the historical path of Liu Shen rooting from a small office and leading the private IP agency of China into a new phase.  As the Chinese proverb saying “A man should be independent at the age of thirty”, Mr. Li extended his birthday wish that Liu Shen of thirty years old may climb higher mountains, cross wider rivers and fly into a broader sky in the future.

Ms. Michelle Ma, the managing partner of the firm, gave the report of the work of Liu Shen in the year 2022 on business development, personnel cultivation, and brand promotion, reviewed both the achievements and the challenges, and looked ahead to the direction of future development. 

The partners presented awards to outstanding employees in the past year, and horned senior employees who served the firm for over 25 years with special gift, to thank them for paying professional and industrious work.

After a dazzling light show, the versatile Liu Shen colleagues prepared a colorful and brilliant show for Liu Shen’s 30th birthday party with various performances on the stage, to full the hall with one climax after another. 

After the performance, the dinner banquet began.  Everyone proposed toasts to celebrate the happy moment of get-together.  May the wine and happiness last forever!

The shiny stars tonight are for the tomorrow with great splendor.  Let’s light the flame of hope with the sparks and look forward to the bright future of Liu Shen!