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Ms. Wu joined Liu, Shen & Associates in 2013, and now is an experienced patent and attorney at Law.


Ms. Wu mainly specializes in patent prosecution, re-examination, patent invalidation, IP litigation, and client counseling with a focus on electrical engineering, automation, telecommunication, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things as well as image/signal processing.


Ms. Wu handles a number of cases relating to patent examination, reexamination, invalidation, infringement lawsuit and other IP related matters for Samsung Electronics, Google and several domestic companies, including participating in matters including all kinds of analysis including pre-litigation analysis and pre-invalidation analysis; patent invalidation, patent infringement litigation relating to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) and commercial patents; patent protection studies for specific technical fields such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things and telecommunications, etc.


Ms. Wu had a bachelor's degree in Optical Information Science & Technology from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2010; a master's degree in Electrical Science & Technology from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2013; and a dual bachelor’s degree in Economics from Peking University in 2016.


Representative cases:

-    2020-2023, in several patent licensing negotiations and related disputes between a foreign company and certain big companies respectively, representing the foreign company to process patent analysis and selection, invalidation request drafting and filing, etc.

-    2016-2019, in a series of patent infringement and invalidation cases between Samsung Electronics V. Huawei, representing Samsung Electronics to participate in screening SEP and NSEP patents, patent relevance & stability analysis, patent strength analysis, SEP patent essentiality analysis, SEP patent license fee calculation, etc.

Representative Publications:

-    “A Brief discussion on SEP patent strength analysis”, published by WeChat public account “Zhichanli”, forwarded by Haidian Lawyers Association, December 2023.

-    “Valuation and prosecution of standard-related patents in 5G era”, Managing IP (MIP), May 2021.

-    “Future of IP-China: IoT raises SEP issues”, Managing IP (MIP), January 2020.

-    “Best drafting practices for background section of patent applications,” Intellectual Asset Management (IAM), August 2017.




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