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Telecommunication , Computer Science , Internet Technology , E-commerce , Artificial Intelligence , Big Data Processing , Semiconductor

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Ms. Chen was qualified as a patent attorney in 2010 and joined in Liu, Shen & Associates in 2011. She specializes in patent prosecution, re-examination, and client counseling with a focus on electrical engineering, automatic control, electronics, computer science, and telecommunication.


Ms. Chen had a master's degree from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2004. Before joining this firm, Ms. Chen worked as a patent engineer and a patent attorney at Lehman Law Firm for five years. 


Ms. Chen handles a number of cases relating to patent examination, reexamination, invalidation, infringement lawsuit and other IP related matters for Samsung Electronics, Google and several domestic companies, especially, patent cases related to Standard Essential Patents (SEPs).

Representative cases:

-     2020-2023, in several patent licensing negotiations and related disputes between a foreign company and certain big companies respectively, representing the foreign company to process patent analysis and selection, invalidation request drafting and filing, etc.

-     2016-2019, in a series of patent infringement and invalidation cases between Samsung Electronics V. Huawei, representing Samsung Electronics to participate in screening SEP and NSEP patents, patent relevance & stability analysis, patent strength analysis, SEP patent essentiality analysis etc.

Representative Publications:

-    “Introduction to standardization organizations related to SEP”, published by WeChat public account “Liu Shen & Associates”, December 2023.

-    “What is a scope of a functional limitation in China”, published by Asia IP, May 2018.




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