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Mr. Hou started his IP career in China in 1995 and became a qualified patent attorney in 1996 and got his qualification as an attorney at law in 2000. He is active in areas of technical protective rights, in particular patents and utility models, and has extensive experience in prosecuting patent applications and in enforcing protective rights in invalidation and litigation cases. His special technical interests are, among others, mechanical-electrical engineering, automobile engineering, medical devices, thermal energy technology.


Mr. Hou obtained his bachelor degree in Thermal Energy Dynamics & Devices from Faculty of Automotive Engineering of TongJi University and his master’s degree from China University of Political Science and Law majoring in Civil and Commercial Law.

Before joining this firm, Mr. Hou worked firstly as a research personnel in R&D center of Beijing ICE(internal combustion engine) company for two years. He received training from Boehmert & Boehmert Lawfirm in Germany and in IP Department of Siemens in Munich. 


Recent representative cases that Mr. Hou has won include

-     Siemens Industry, v. Danieli & Co. -invalidation case(2013);

-     Siemens AG v. Patent reexamination Board-administrative action case(2010);

-     New Leader Battery Co. v. Songbo Battery Industry Co. -invalidation case(2008);  

-     Pierburg GmbH v. China Automotive Research Institute -invalidation case(2013);

-     BAMED AG v. Taizhou Keaide Children Wear Co., Ltd.-infringement case(2014);

-     Voith Paper v. Andritz Paper-invalidation case as well as infringement case(2015).


Publications that Mr. Hou has authored include

-     “Equitable restriction on the application of doctrine of equivalence”, Academic Annual 《Patent Law Study 2006》edited by SIPO,2006;

-     Article “Status quo and problems analysis regarding IP protection disputes of Chinese enterprises in overseas trade shows” for the Project “IP-Advocacy Center for overseas trade shows” established and run by All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA), 2015(see the Project’s working plan, appendix B).




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