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Dr. Cao Lili is a partner of Liu, Shen & Associates. She has long focused her practice on providing whole-process patent portfolio management and patent enforcement, and has extensive experience in strategically managing patent portfolios for multinational clients to help clients increase the value of their IP assets. Dr. Cao mainly focus on patent prosecution, re-examination, patent invalidation, IP litigation for clients such as GSK, Pfizer, Sanofi, Merck, Ono Pharmaceutical, Takeda Pharmaceutical.


Dr. CAO also served domestic innovative companies, deeply involved in the patent mining, global patent portfolio, global patent prosecution and so on. Further, Dr. Cao also participated in non-litigation services such as legal counseling, FTO, and due diligence.


Before joining Liu, Shen & Associates, Dr. Cao worked in the medical institute and marketing department of Pharmaceutical Group for 4 years. During this period, she worked on R&D, Investigation Research before Project Approval, Regulatory Affairs, Trademark Affairs, Advertising Planning, Market Investigation and Forecast.



Dr. Cao studied in the Institute of Materia Medica (IMM), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, and received her Ph.D. in 2005. She received further training on American patent law and practice at the John Marshall Law School in the United States in 2010. 


Representative cases that Ms. Cao has participated include

-     Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited vs. Zhejiang Yongning Pharmaceutical Factory at the stage of invalidation and court (the Intermediate court, higher court and supreme court) procedures, representing Takeda;

-     Jiangsu Xiansheng vs. LI Ping, at the stage of invalidation, representing Jiangsu Xianshen;

-     BPSI Holdings LLC vs. Tianjin ILE Pharmaceutical Materials Co. Ltd at the stage of invalidation and court (the Intermediate court and higher court) procedures, representing BPSI;

-     Pfizer vs. Beijing Pulude Pharmaceutical Science and Technology at the stage of invalidation, representing Pfizer;

-     Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (BI, German) vs. PRB (China), Third Party: ZHANG Ying, representing BI at the stage of court (the Intermediate court and higher court) procedures.


Publications that Ms. Cao has authored include

-     “How to determine novelty conferring features”, Managing Intellectual Property, March/April 2015;

-     “Overview of regulatory reform in China”, IAM Life Sciences, 2018.



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