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Mr. Zhang graduated from Technical University of Clausthal in Germany with a master's degree (Diplom-Ingenieur) in 2010 and then worked for Sany Electric Company for a year and participated in the research and development of wind turbines there.


Mr. Zhang joined Liu, Shen & Associates in 2011. Mr. Zhang obtained the qualification as a patent attorney in 2012 and obtained the qualification as an attorney at law in 2015. Mr. Zhang’s current practice mainly focuses on patent enforcement including patent applications (more than 1300 cases), patent infringement litigation (more than 20 cases), patent prosecution (more than 800 patents granted) and invalidation procedures (more than 30 cases) in the technical fields of fields of automobiles, machinery and electromechanical equipment, household appliances, medical equipment, Photoelectric equipment etc. Clients include Siemens AG, Volkswagen AG, Voith group, SKF, AUX group, Vorwerk group and SIG etc.




Infringement Litigations

■  REC v. Hanwha

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues represent the plaintiff REC to sue Hanwha for patent infringement and on behalf of the patentee REC responded to the defendant's patent invalidation request. Through a full understanding of the patented technology and accurate modification of the claims, the patent is finally maintained by CNIPA. At present, the case is still in progress. (2020.12)

■  Wu Shanwang v. Dongguan Mustang Machinery Co., Ltd

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues represented the defendant Mustang Company in Jinan intellectual property court and Shanghai Intellectual Property Court to deal with five patent infringement lawsuits brought by Mr. Wu Shanwang. Finally, four cases in Jinan intellectual property court were closed by the plaintiff's withdrawal and one case in Shanghai Intellectual Property Court was settled, which made the customer win the serial cases. (2021)

■ AHT v. Qingdao Kaichuang Co., Ltd

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Qingdao Kaichuang Co., Ltd on behalf of the patentee AHT in Beijing Intellectual Property Court. In this case, Mr. Zhang helped the client successfully obtained the behavior preservation ruling (preliminary injunction) prohibiting the defendant from continuing infringement. (2020.12)

■ Gree v. AUX

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues represent defendant AUX to attend serial patent infringement litigations. Among them, Mr. Zhang and his colleagues successfully invalidated a patent involved in one case and finally win this litigation case. Several other lawsuits are still ongoing. (2017.06 – 2022.04)

■ Guangzhou Biaoqi v. Nanjing Baoguang

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues represent defendant Nanjing Baoguang to attend patent infringement litigation cases before Guangzhou IP Court and challenging the validity of two patents involved at the same time before the Patent Reexamination Board. As a result, in one infringement case the prosecution was withdrawn due to the invalidation of the patent, in the other infringement case successful non-infringement defense was made based on detailed and reasonable arguments during court hearing. (2017.12-2018.11)

■ Samsung v. Huawei

In the serial patent infringement litigations Mr. Zhang was mainly involved in SEP and FRAND related affairs, and has translated and compiled several German cases related to FRAND, some of which have been published in the "FRAND Case Selection", and Mr. Zhang is also one of the editors of the book. (2016-2018)


 Invalidation Proceedings:

■ Langan (Tianjin) Technology Development Co., Ltd. v. WEH Connection Technology Co., Ltd

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues responded to the invalidation request of the applicant in two invalid cases (involving the field of high-pressure fluid connectors) on behalf of the patentee WEH Connection Technology Co., Ltd. Finally, the patent rights of the two patents remained valid, which provided a right basis for relevant litigations and was affirmed by customers.(2021)

■ Miao Yu v. Boehringer Ingelheim International Co., Ltd

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues represent the patentee Boehringer Ingelheim International Co., Ltd to respond to the invalidation request. With a deep understanding of the background technology and relevant technical features of the patent involved, the validity of the patent right was successfully maintained.

■ Qualcomm v. Apple

Mr. Zhang and his colleagues on behalf of the plaintiff Qualcomm responded to the requester's invalidation request in several invalidation cases. The team has won those invalidation cases. (2018-2019)

■ Ding Zhijun v. Siemens AG

In the two patent invalidation cases Mr. Zhang and his colleague have represented the patentee Siemens. Mr. Zhang and his colleague have won both the invalidation cases. (2018-2019)


Legal Opinions

Mr. Zhang provides more than 20 legal opinions in terms of FTO, potential infringement analysis, litigantion vetting and patent validity analysis for many clients including Goertek, THSAS, Mengniu, Ruixing, Voith, Qualcomm etc..



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