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Patent Attorney (2012)

Attorney at law (2015)


The John Marshall Law School (LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law with honors, 2017)

Peking University (Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry, 2010)

Peking University (Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Science, 2004)


Dr. Mou is a partner at Liu, Shen & Associates, who was qualified as attorney at law and patent attorney, and is experienced in the analysis and mining, global protection strategy, patent portfolio management, legal consulting, due diligence, and dispute resolution of patents, as well as the management and protection of trade secret.

Before joining Liu, Shen & Associates in 2010, Dr. Mou had a one year experience of R&D in the HIV department of GSK in NC, USA. He also worked for Bayer China Limited with the IP affairs in 2015.

Dr. Mou has a good scientific background in the pharmaceutical industry and legal knowledge in IP related laws and regulations, fully understanding the business strategy, scientific development, and legal protection of the drugs, and has experiences in global portfolio and protection strategy in about 20 countries including China, U.S., Japan, Europe, Korea and others.


Dispute resolution

-      A university in the U.S. vs. Chinese Patent Office, representing the university attending the first and second instance trials of the administrative proceeding (2018-2020)

-      A MNC pharmaceutical company vs. its distributor, representing the pharmaceutical company invalidating patents of the distributor (2020-2021)

-      Representing Pfizer and successfully defending the patent covering a commercial polymorph (2019)

-      Involving in an arbitration case between a domestic pharmaceutical company and an American company (2020)

-      Involving in the negotiation of trade secret affairs between a domestic pharmaceutical company and an American company (2019)

Legal consulting

-      Providing the due diligence services to a domestic Life Sciences Group Co., Ltd. for investing a company (2020)

-      Supporting the IP affairs of a company in Shenzhen for capital injection (2019 and 2020)

-      Analyzing the marketing of generics of a drug for a company in Shenzhen (2020)

-      Providing legal opinions to a company in Suzhou for licensing-in a clinical candidate from an American company (2020)

-      Providing suggestions regarding the management and portfolio strategy of patents for a startup in Shanghai (2020)

-      Providing strategy of patent portfolio management for a listed company in Shanghai (2020)

-      Providing the due diligence service for a pharmaceutical company in Beijing (2020)

-      Providing comments on fighting against patent infringement for Tsinghua University (2020)

-      Providing legal comments on patent portfolio for a company in Henan (2020)

-      Drafting Non-disclosure agreement for a company in Shenzhen (2019)

-      Providing advice regarding management and protection of trade secret for a company in Fujian (2018)

Presentations and Publications

-      Enforcement of Trade Secrets: The Practical Realities (AIPPI 2020 World Congress)

-      The Management and Protection of Trade Secret Assets from the Perspective of Business Competition (2020)

-      Rational protecting measures for trade secret protection (2020)

-      Judgments of the trade secret cases from the Supreme Court (2017)

-      Introduction to three approaches to expedite patent prosecution (2020)

-      Amending a Markush claim in an invalidation procedure becomes more difficult (2018)

-      Practice and tips in drafting a pharmaceutical patent (2018)

-      Legal concepts and its purposeful explanation (2017)




All-China Patent Agents Association (ACPAA)

All-China Lawyers Association (ACLA)

International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)