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Mr. Wang joined Liu, Shen & Associates in 2007, mainly responsible for the communication with Japanese clients, and engages in patent related intellectual property business, including patent prosecution, patent invalidation and patent litigation, etc.


Mr. Wang got his qualification as an attorney at law in 2010, and became a qualified patent attorney in 2014. Since he joined the firm, he has dealt with a large number of patent related legal counseling, participated in several patent lawsuits involving patent infringement and patent invalidation, and acquired rich experience in terms of patent licensing, customs protection and network rights defense as well.


Mr. Wang graduated from Nanjing Normal University with a bachelor’s degree in Japanese in June 2004. He studied at Nagoya City University in Japan since April 2005 and got a master’s degree in education in April 2007. From March 2010 to July 2012, he received distance education at Beijing Institute of Technology and obtained a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering. 


Representative cases that Mr. Wang has led or participated in include


-     Kubota v. Taizhou Fengling, in the invention patent infringement case of Kubota v. Taizhou Fengling, Mr. Wang and his colleagues represented Kubota, the plaintiff, and finally won the case with Kubota being paid 800,000- yuan tort compensation;

-     Panasonic v. Yinzhou Jingneng Pipe Industry, in the appearance design patent invalidation case of Panasonic v. Yinzhou Jingneng Pipe Industry, Mr. Wang and his colleagues represented Panasonic, and after invalidation procedure and administrative litigation of first and second instance, eventually annulled Yinzhou Jingneng Pipe Industry of appearance design patent.




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