LIU,Jason (Guojun)

Partner | Patent Attorney | Attorney at Law | Director of Shanghai Office


Medical Devices , Material Science , Bio & Pharmaceutical , Life Science , Chemical Engineering

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Dr. Liu is a partner of Liu Shen & Associates.  He is qualified as a patent attorney, attorney-at-law, M&A dealmaker (intermediate), and IPMS (intellectual property management system) auditor; and he is a lecturer of the CIPSA (Capital Intellectual Property Services Association), and also a lecturer of WIP Open Courses by the Intellectual Property Press.

Dr. Liu focuses mainly on intellectual property strategic consulting, patent portfolio management, patent infringement, validity, and freedom-to-operate opinions, and due diligence; representing many multinational pharmaceutical companies, small and medium-sized innovative companies in handling intellectual property, especially in the field of pharmacy, chemistry, material science, chemical engineering and medical device.

Dr. Liu obtained his B.S. in Chemistry and Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, both from Fudan University (China, 2001 and 2007), and obtained his Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law from John Marshall Law School (the U.S., 2016).


Dr. Liu leaded more than 80 non-litigation IP related cases since 2016.  The technical field includes small molecular pharmaceutical, bio-molecular pharmaceutical, biosimilar, drug delivery system, polymer and health care etc. 

Representative IP related cases that could be disclosed include

-     IP Due diligence, in the transaction of. YH25448 against NSCLC from Yuhan Corporation, for Luoxin Pharma, 2016

-     IP Due diligence, in the license in of NVRX-5133, for C-bridge Capital, 2018

-     Freedom-to-operate opinions on its polymer products and synthesis routs for Sinopec Group, 2017-2019

Dr. Liu participated in almost 20 invalidation/litigation cases in total, including re-examination/invalidation procedure, first instance, second instance and retrial procedure. 

Representative cases that could be disclosed include

-     Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (BI, German) v. PRB (China), representing BI in the Beijing Intermediate court and higher court (2012-2014)

-     Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH (BI, German) v. PRB (China), Third Party: Jiangsu Chia-tai Tianqing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (China), representing BI at the stage of invalidation and court (the Beijing Intermediate court and higher court as well as the Supreme Court) procedures (2010-2013)

Presentation that Dr. LIU has publicly made include

-     “IP Management for Biopharmaceutical company”, Beijing, CHINA, 2020

-     “Due diligence of patent”, Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, CHINA, 2019

-     “Introduction of Invalidation in China”, Myers Wolin, LLC, NJ USA, 2018

-     “Patent Eligible Subject Matter in China”, Myers Wolin, LLC, NJ USA, 2018

-     “Application of Doctrine of Equivalence in life cases”, 2017 AIPPI China IP Seminar

-     “Sufficient Disclosure and Support issues in Chinese patent prosecution in chemical and pharmaceutical areas”, Seminar of Patent Practice in China held by Liu, Shen & Associates in Chicago of USA, 2015

Publications that Dr. LIU has authored include

-     “Patent practice: recent developments in life sciences in China”, IAM Life Sciences, 2019, [Co-author]

-     “Implications of recent life sciences cases in China,” IAM Life Sciences, 2017 [Co-author]

-     “晶型药物专利在中国的审查及撰写技巧-基于复审、无效、新政诉讼案例实证分析,” Pharm IPR annual forum 2016, [Co-author]

-     “Disclosure Requirements Undergoing Change,” IAM Life Sciences, 2015 [Co-author]

-     “China’s evolving patent system,” AIPLA Daily Report, October 23, 2015 [Co-author]




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