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Mechanical Engineering

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Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University, Master’s Degree of science, with major in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Department of Mechanics and Engineering Science, Peking University, Bachelor’s Degree of science, with major in Fluid Mechanics
China University of Political Science and Law, Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, Study Program of Master’s Courses, major in Intellectual Property Law

Scully, Scott, Murphy & Presser, P.C., Summer training on US Patent Law and related, June 13~July 13, 2019

Qualification: Patent Attorney (2012);Attorney at Law (2017)

Ms. TAN began her legal career in patent laws and joined Liu Shen & Associates in June, 2011. She specializes in patent enforcement including patent prosecution, re-examination, patent validation and litigation in the technical field of Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Medical Devices and so on. Ms. TAN’s services also include providing opinions and strategy consultations for corporations, and providing legal advice.

Before joining Liu Shen, Ms. TAN worked as a researcher on Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval at Canon Information Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd, specializing in algorithm study on multi-language Segmentation, Automatic Summarization, Keyword Extraction, Named Entity Recognition, Language models, Character Encoding Techniques and Recommendation System.


I. Civil and Administrative Litigations

Ms. Tan has been engaged in multiple patent infringement litigations and all results of the cases are good, including, typically, a series of infringement litigations of WAGO as the patentee, infringement litigation of KOBOTA as the patentee, which was selected to be one of "Ten Representative Cases of IP Litigations of Janpanese Cooperations in China within Three Years".

Ms. TAN has been also engaged in mutiple administrative litigations related to re-examination and invalidation cases. In an administrative litigation related to invalidation with KOBOTA as the patentee, the adverse results in the invalidation procedure and the first instance were reversed and the case finally won in the second instance in the supreme court.

II. Invalidation Cases

Ms. TAN has represented more than then invalidation cases and achieved good results in most of the cases, including multiple cases as to invention of KOBOTA, cases as to utility model of Leili group, cases (including a case in Taiwan) as to utility model of Conjoin, case as to invention of WAGO, case as invention of VALEO Schalter und Sensoren GmbH, etc.

III. Consultations

-     IP Due Diligence to a before investing medical device company, sensing device company, as requested by a venture capital

-      Project of constructing IP system for a well-known domestic enterprise L: patent mining, strategy for IP protection

-      Project of patent patent portfolio for a well-known international enterprise: searching, strategy for filing, drafting applications

-      Providing infringement studies for domestic and international companies, including battery, bump, vehicle parts, medical device, farm machinery, etc.

-      Providing validity studies for domestic and international companies

-      Providing FTO studies for domestic and international companies

-      Software copyright registration/training

-      Certification of Hi-tech enterprise

v. Publications

-      "The Boundary Element Method (BEM) solving the water wave effect on the aerodynamics of a vehicle flying close to the water surface", Journal of Hydrodynamics, 2003.4, second author.

-      “What are the advantages and pitfalls of administrative enforcement?” on Managing Intellectual Property –China IP Focus 2019




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