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Telecommunication , Computer Science , Internet Technology , E-commerce , Artificial Intelligence , Big Data Processing , Electronics Engineering , Image Processing

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Ms. Li started practice in intellectual property affairs in Liu, Shen since 2017. Ms. Li provides intellectual property related services such as patent drafting, patent prosecution, patent analysis, patent search, patent navigation and so on for several clients. Ms. Li is dedicated to providing a wide range of high-quality intellectual property services for clients. Ms. Li handles intellectual property affairs in the field of Electronics & Computer Science, Internet Technology, Signal and Information processing, Image Processing, Semiconductor Technology, Telecommunication, and Electrical engineering etc..


From July 2014 to November 2017, Ms. Li worked as a Patent Examiner in the electrical field in Patent Examination Cooperation Sichuan Center of the Patent Office, SIPO.


Ms. Li was admitted as a patent attorney in 2016.


Ms. Li received her Master's degree from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a major on Control Engineering in year 2014, and received a Bachelor’s degree from Dalian University of Technology in year 2011.


When Ms. Li was working as an electricity patent examiner, the work include:
-   Examining 350 + domestic and foreign electrical patent applications;
-   Participating in the quality inspection team of the department to control the quality of the Office Action;

Published Articles include:
-   《Summary of Active Power Filter in the aspect of Patent》,No.6, 2016,Journal of Electrical Power