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Telecommunication , Computer Science , Internet Technology , E-commerce , Artificial Intelligence , Big Data Processing , Electronics Engineering , Image Processing

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Ms. Huang began working on intellectual property affairs in 2015 and joined in Liu, Shen since 2017. Ms. Huang provides intellectual property related services such as patent drafting, litigation, patent analysis, patent mining, patent invalidation and litigation analysis, PCT writing and rewriting, responding to the office action, Patent Reexamination and so on for several clients, and gets widely praised by clients. Ms. Huang handles intellectual property affairs in the field of Electronics & Computer Science, communication, algorithms, big data analysis, Internet Technology, Signal and Information processing, Video and Image Processing, etc.


Ms. Huang was admitted as a patent attorney in 2017.


Ms. Huang graduated from the Department of Electronics and Information Engineering at the University of Electronic Science and Technology in 2013 with a master's degree.


Legal Matters that Ms. Huang participated include:

-     Participating the analysis on validity and relevance of patents in a series of patent infringement lawsuits and related invalidation lawsuits between a famous domestic company and a famous foreign company

Published Articles include:

- "Optimization of Scheduling Algorithms for Living Peer-to-Peer Streaming with Scalable Video Coding and Networking Coding", 2012, IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Communication and Control Engineering, first author.


Issued Patents include:

- "A video segment scheduling and transmission method for P2P 3D streaming media system", Patent No.: ZL201310149934.7, inventor.


Patents pending include:

- "A text feature extraction method based on the degree of distinction between classes and high degree of representation within the class", application number: CN201410795989.X, first inventor.

- "An Improved Method for Selecting Text Classification Features", Application number CN201410795989.X, inventor.

- "A method for real-time identification of network protocols", application number: CN201510970577.X, inventor.

- "A Method for Remote 3D Desktop Image Transmission Based on KVM Platform", Application number: CN201510945106.3, inventor.

- "A method and an apparatus for assisting in determining the secret," Application number: CN201510613516.8, inventor.


Awards that Ms. Huang has been honored with include:

- Graduate with provincial outstanding graduate in 2010.

- A candidate for the company's innovation award, awarded by a technology company which is a company that she worked for from 2013 to 2015, in 2014.