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Automation science and electrical engineering, Beihang University      Master Degree

Automation science and electrical engineering, Beihang University      Bachelor Degree

Department of foreign languages Beihang University                             Bachelor Degree

Ms. Li began her legal career in patent laws and joined Liu, Shen & Associates in 2018, and mainly engaged in patent-related intellectual property agency business, including patent application, patent examination, patent invalidation and patent litigation. Her practice area includes automation and electrical engineering, automatic control engineering, computer engineering, big data processing, Internet technology, etc.

Ms. Li obtained the qualification as an attorney at law and the qualification as a patent attorney in 2019. Since joining Liu Shen, Ms. Li has handled a large number of patent-related cases and cases related to patent drafting/patent examination/patent overseas applications (US, Europe), and also handled infringement analysis, invalidation analysis, patent search and other related cases.


Main Clients Ms. Li has been working for:

-      Valeo, NIKE, Qualcomm, Schneider, Dyson, BOE

Representative cases:

-      engaged in a validity study of targeted patents for a known Telecommunication Company;

-      engaged in invalidation cases for a known UK company.

Main Project Experience:

-      Project leader of "Service-oriented Open Avionics System Basic Service Platform Prototype" of AVIC 615;

-      Data fusion algorithm and domain service design of VxWorks system

-      Two-way data transmission design under VxWorks and ACoreOS 653 systems

-      Design and development of CPCI bus software interface based on Windows

-      Research on indoor 3D positioning optimization based on wireless communication base stations


The Design and Application of Multi-Sensor Data Fusion in Open System Architecture of Avionics on ICIEA 2017