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Dr. Zou assists clients in matters involving all types of intellectual property: patents, trade secrets, and unfair competition. He focuses mainly on intellectual property strategic consulting, patent portfolio management, patent infringement, validity, and freedom-to-operate opinions, due diligence, and dispute resolution; representing many multinational pharmaceutical companies, small and medium-sized innovative companies in handling intellectual property, drug regulatory matters and market admission related legal affairs.

The wide variety of technical areas in which Dr. Zou has obtained and enforced patent protection for clients include pharmacy, chemistry, and biotechnologies, as well as mechanical systems and medical devices.

Dr. Zou started his IP career with Liu Shen in 2003. Prior to his legal profession, Dr. Zou was engaged in research and development in pharmaceutical research and diagnostic method development, he is very familiar with the technical areas of pharmaceuticals, nucleic acid, pesticide, macromolecule modification, and molecular diagnostics.


Dr. Zou obtained his Ph.D. in pharmaceutical chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Science (China, 2000), and his Master of Laws in Intellectual Property Law from John Marshall Law School (the U.S., 2010).


Representative cases that Dr. Zou has led or participated include

-     Defending titropium bromide patent portfolio for Boehringer Ingelheim (German) in the invalidation proceedings and in court procedures (5 patents involved, 2006-2012);

-     Defending Candesartan Cilexetil patent portfolio for Takeda (Japan) in the invalidation proceedings and in court procedures ( 2 patents involved, 2007-2012);

-     Representing Albis in Albis (Germany) vs. FTP China, invalidation & infringement cases (settled, 2012-2014);

-     Representing Grundfos in Grundfos (Denmark) vs. Zhejiang Qianyuan (China), infringement case, the Beijing High Court (infringement found and damage awarded, 2013-2014);

-     Representing Shanghai Cathay Biotech in Shanghai Cathay Biotech vs. Hilead Biotech (2013-2014) and won three administrative cases;

-     Representing Xiamen Hongfa in Xiamen Hongfa (China) vs. Dou Xiuzhi (2013-2014) and winning two invalidation cases;

-     Representing SEB in SEB (France) vs. Wenzhou Household electrical (2013-2014) and winning the invalidation case;

-     Representing Shenzhen MINDRAY in Shenzhen MINDRAY vs. Edan (2013-2014) and winning in invalidation & administrative litigation;

-     Representing Hongkong PolyU in Hongkong PolyU vs. Ritter machinery (2014) and winning the invalidation case;

-     Representing Pfizer and successfully defending a polymorph case (2019).

Publications include

-     Claim definitions Undergoing Change, China IP Focus 2014, Managing Intellectual Property, 2014 [Co-authored]

-     How to determine novelty-conferring features for a medical use claim, China IP Focus 2015, Managing Intellectual Property, 2015 [Co-authored]

-     Disclosure requirements undergoing change, IAM Life Science (2015) [Co-authored]

-     How to make sure your patent is properly supported in China, March 2016 [Co-author]

-     Implications of recent life sciences cases in China, IAM Life Science March 2017 [Co-authored]

-     Overview of regulatory reform in China, IAM Life Sciences, 2018. [Co-authored]

-     Patent practice: recent developments in life sciences in China, IAM Life Sciences 2019, pp. 51-55 [Co-authored]

-     Doctrine of equivalents for life science patents in China, IAM Life Sciences 2020, pp. 53-57 [Co-authored]

Presentation that Dr. ZOU has publicly made include

-     Overview of IP Enforcement in China, 2012 Summit on Global IP Strategy for Corporate Counsel, New York, USA, December 2012

-     Astrazeneca case, Prometheus case and Myriad case in a Chinese patent attorney’s perspective, MIP, London, UK, April 2013

-     Chinese Patent practice in Pharmaceutical field, MIP, Beijing, China, June 2013

-     Update on case development in life science field, IP in Asia Forum, Silicon Valley & Seattle, USA, May 2014

-     Second medical use protection in China, the 5th China IP Symposium (Chengdu) 2015, Chengdu, China, November 2015;

-     Eligible subject matter & Invalidation Proceedings in China, the 253rd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, April 2017

-     Must-know Chinese Patent Practice, 2018 CABA Investment & Entrepreneurship Symposium, Massachusetts, September 2018




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