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Mr. DI joined Liu, Shen & Associates in 2001 and became a qualified patent attorney in 2000, and got his qualification as an attorney at law in 2007. Up to now, Mr. DI has handled a great deal of patent filings, prosecutions, reexaminations, patent searches, and some patent invalidations, administrative proceedings, and patent infringement analysis with a focus on mobile communication, semiconductor, electronic technology, computer science, automatic control, Internet and as well as Internet & e-commerce.


Mr. DI has drafted a lot of patent applications for many clients including some world well-known companies, which include patent applications drafted in English for filing in PCT and abroad.


Mr. DI graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in March of 1994, and got Master Degree. He took part in the Summer Training Program for the U.S. Patent Law at BSKB LLP, in the United States, 2004.


Representative cases that Mr. DI has led or participated include

-     Patent invalidation request, “USB flash drive”, M-system company against Shenzhen Netac Co., acting for the requester;

-     Patent invalidation request, Panasonic Corporation against Guagdong Weiling Motor, acting for the requester;

-     Patent invalidation request, Microsoft (China) Co. against Beijing Zhongyi co., acting for the requester;

-     Patent administrative litigation for invalidation case, Microsoft (China) Co. against Patent Reexamination Board, acting for the plaintiff;

-     Patent administrative litigation appeal, Panasonic Corporation against Guagdong Weiling Motor, acting for the appellant.


Publications that Mr. DI has authored include

-      “analysis of the patentability of information recording medium in China” in the journal of CHINA PATENT AGENCY,

-      “whether or not a claim involving the computer program constitutes a technical solution” in the journal of LexisNexis.


Lectures that Mr. DI has presented include

-     regarding how to draft a high-quality patent application on the China-Europe Patent Forum held in Beijing and Shenzhen, in October, 2009;

-     regarding the patentability and fully disclosure of the patent on the Forum of Patent Protection Declaration in China, held at China Renmin University on July 15, 2015;

-     regarding the patent practices in China during visiting clients.




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